Grand Slam 4 Miler

River City Races

Okay, I’m jealous.  A flat and fast course for this race and relatively cool weather.

Enjoy the shots; they’re free for the taking.

Race Day Photos

If you ‘forgot to smile’, you want to keep-this-on-the-down-low-because-you-called-in-sick-on-Friday, or otherwise simply must have your photo taken down, leave me a comment with the filename (select photo, click “more info”).  I’ll happily remove the comment and the photo.

6 thoughts on “Grand Slam 4 Miler

  1. Thank you for posting the pictures. I am amazed how quickly you where able to post them. Since running is new for me, the pic will be place on my wall. It will help me stay motivated towards my ultimate goal of running a marathon.
    james S.

    • Happy to do so. You’ve got that marathon in you, one foot in front of the other > you’ll get there, Cheers!

  2. Great Photos! How nice of you to post them and share them. Thanks so much. I am training for my first half in October. Thanks for the motivation!!

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