Downtown Doubler

River City Races

Got a little warm out there, but, overall, a good day for a River City Race.  Have a look:

Race Day Photos

If your mug was decent and you would like a higher res file, let me know.  If, however, you’ve determined the lighting choice was poor, the shot was blurry or you looked too much like you ought to look after a 30k foot race, well, just say so.  Leave me a comment* with the filename (select the photo, click “more info”).  I’ll remove the comment and the photo asap.
* [don’t worry, comments are not public by default – so no one will see you asking]

One thought on “Downtown Doubler

  1. Hi, I was wondering if you, by chance, got any pictures of me running? I was the only one there with my dog running along side. Thanks!

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